How can Relationship Charts be used to bring the real value to people who use CRM and who sell Microsoft CRM or their solutions on the top of CRM?

Relationship Charts is a tool for making selling MS CRM and especially CRM based products easier

Why? Because of MS CRM is a platform and CRM partners create vertical solutions based on this platform they introduce a big number of new entities and relationships between these entities to “describe” specific business domains. These business domains are complicated and the added customization is very complex. To explain the value of their customization CRM partners have to create some diagrams or charts that will display the entities and relationships between them (for example matters and sides involved in these matters). While they do it often in PowerPoint or in Visio we allow them to do it directly in CRM.


Relationship Charts is a tool for users collaboration

It can be used by a team to work together on an opportunity or on a project. Together – because of each of them could add more relevant information.


Relationship Charts is a tool for individual users to work faster and to be more productive in CRM creating connections and relationships

Again here the main factor is the time in seconds (minutes, hours) spent on specific operations – drag and drop instead of opening forms (where it is possible).


Relationship Charts is a data analysis and data mining tool

Relationship Charts can be used to start “thinking” or analyzing the data. Why? – because of all data are collected together and are displayed in a convenient way. In future releases of Relationship Charts we plan to add some metrics and some indicators calculated and displayed on the chart. For example the Opportunity Confidence will be calculated as a sum of each actor influence multiplied by the actor’s attitude. So if the influence ranges from 1 to 5 and the attitude is -1 (negative), 0 (neutral), +1 (positive) then if there are 2 persons involved and one of them is positive and one negative then the Opportunity Confidence could be 5*1 + 3*(-1) = 2. Thus the situation is positive.

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