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Relationship Charts Partners program


Innovation drives our team. We focus our development efforts on creating flexible, scalable and leading edge products that enhance the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Extend your capability and provide your clients with proven cutting edge functionality that will enhance the end-user experience, drive adoption and support challenging user migration issues.

Our focus, combined with top-notch training, support and rewards programs are what make our partners successful. Combining C4CRM products with your solution experience allows for a much more closely tailored system for your end-user clients.

Become a C4CRM Partner

Your success is our success. As a C4CRM partner, you also receive access to a product suite that strengthens your sales ability and differentiates your solution from the competition. The C4CRM team will make sure that you get the resources and support needed to be up and running quickly.

C4CRM supports the concept of teaming. Our partner program is designed to foster collaboration between C4CRM and Dynamics partners on aggressive “go to market” initiatives in both strategic vertical and geographical markets throughout the world. The relationship involves a high degree of marketing, sales, implementation and support cooperation.

This level of partnership involves multiple engagements with the C4CRM products and calls for an investment in technical and sales training, followed by first-level support by the partner. Becoming a registered C4CRM Partner yields additional benefits through increased software margin, marketing co-op assistance, additional training and support.

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