Relationship Charts 2013 - A visual platform for any XRM relationship chart for Microsoft CRM 2013

Not only Relationship Charts 2013 fits well within any organization sales and marketing strategy, it also can be used for any business domain and for any industry. In the same way as Dynamics CRM can be used for building any vertical solution with its own entities and relationships between these entities, Relationship Charts can come to play to provide a great interface for creating and displaying all relationships between these entities.

Relationship Charts

Can be built for any entity

Can display any entity on the chart

Can show any type of relationship

The more complex your solution, the more difficult for your users is to get understanding of their data. Relationship Charts makes it easy for CRM users to see what data they have and how they are related to each other.


Moreover Relationship Charts can be used as a guidance tool for users to fill the data your company needs and to follow to the business processes your organization has.

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