Relationship Charts 2013

An add-on for MS CRM 2013 that allows you to build connections visually

Yes! Importance of information about your client connections is huge! This has been proved to be a critical piece of any CRM. Still many companies miss it.

One of the reasons is the substantial time required to create and maintain connection information in CRM using standard CRM interface.

The easiest way to create and display relationships!

Both Hierarchical relationships and Alternative connections in CRM can be created and displayed with the help of Relationship Charts.


How it Works

Create a connection

In order to create a connection between Brian and Adam, just drag and drop Adam’s card on Brian’s card and you will see a new connection created.

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Change the connection

You can easily change the connection role.


Or you can add additional connections & relations between these two actors.

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After you save the chart the connection will be saved to CRM.

Please pay attention that:

  • You can keep “connection” information not only in CRM standard connection or relationship entities but in a custom entity as well.

  • Relationship Charts allows you to build relationships between any entities in CRM

  • Relationship Charts are embedded in the main forms. They display created connections and let CRM users to leverage information about connections in user sales and marketing activities.

Create hierarchical relations

In the same way you can build hierarchical relations. Just vertically drag and drop one actor on another.
Drag Brian’s card under Corina’s card and you will see a new hierarchical connection created.

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